Blending Hoppers

With the ever increasing demands to meet material specifications we can now offer a 'design and build' concept for blending materials.  Based on standard UK components we can offer 2 and 3 bin blenders which can be skid mounted or fully mobile.

Each bin incorporates steep sided hoppers with minimum 3.5m loading width and 6 cu.m. capacity.  The belt width can be 750mm or 1000mm depending upon the throughput required.  Standard drive is variable speed hydraulic which are linked to either a 3ph electric/hydraulic power pack or diesel/hydraulic as required.  The blended product is discharged via a conveyor which can be linked to a full mobile stockpiler again hydraulically driven from the main blender power pack.

We can also offer part refurbished/new equipment based on standard Finlay or Powerscreen equipment.

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Blending Hoppers
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