Feed Hoppers

1.   Belt Feed Hoppers

A standard range of 750mm, 900mm, 1000mm and 1200mm wide belts on heavy duty skid frame with adjustable feed doors, bolted deflector bridges above belt and 3 ply 500/3 belt (vulcanised) as standard.  Hoppers in heavy duty plate with angle iron bracing and fitted rubber skirts.  Option of hydraulic or 3ph electric motors directly coupled to a gearbox.  Standard capacity from 3 cu.m. up to 20 cu.m. with modular design

2.   Vibratory Feeders

Our standard range have 800mm and 1200mm wide trays with twin 3ph vibratory motors, mounted on a heavy duty sub-frame with helicoil springs.  Hoppers in heavy duty plate with angle iron bracing.  These feeders are supplied as a modular unit on a single heavy duty skid with our standard range of trommel screens

Hydraulic drive in lieu of electric drive also available

Feed Hoppers
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