Handpicking Conveyors

Our standard range, both horizontal and cranked, have 750mm, 1000mm and 1200mm wide belts and are of bolted modular design - head, tail and middles.  This enables the overall conveyor length to be increased in the future if more picking bays are required.  Standard heavy duty quarry belt (500/3 specification) is used with on site vulcanising once installed.  Catwalks can be single or double sided with hand rails and drop bins (1100mm or 2000mm wide).  Full canopy frames can be fitted with heavy duty PVC covers or standard building cladding.  The modular units can be installed with heavy duty leg sets (universal column) which can be plated to form enclosed bays as required.

Drive units can be variable speed hydraulic or 3ph electric motor through shaft mounted gearbox with fitted inverter to give variable speed control.

Units can be static or mobile (trailer mounted)

Handpicking Conveyors
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